KACST-Cambridge Research Centre

About the Centre

The KACST-Cambridge Research Centre is a collaboration between the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Riyadh and the University of Cambridge. The Centre will form the platform for cooperation in scientific research, the transfer of technology and the training of postgraduate students and post-docs within the two institutions.

The centre, funded by KACST, focuses primarily on research and emerging technologies relevant to long-term Saudi development strategy. The initial, three-year, phase of the Centre will target the four key research areas of biotechnology for high valued healthcare products, bulk superconductors for flywheel energy storage and other high field applications, inkjet research and the development of oxide materials for commercial LED and photovoltaic technologies.

At present the Centre involves three University of Cambridge Departments: Physics, Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. The centre is directed by Professor David Cardwell (Department of Engineering, Cambridge) and Dr. Talal A. Aljohani (KACST).

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